Families Matter


Charitable Objects

Families Matter - Potential Charitable Purposes


Whereas in order to be registered as a charity the Canadian Revenue Agency requires that Families Matter defines its purposes and scope, the Board of Directors approves the following Charitable Objects:


To promote health by providing individuals and families experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety with access to related information, and individual or group support programs.

To advance education by providing family life education workshops and individual meetings on the subjects of preparation for parenting, child development and parenting strategies to families.

To address and prevent specific problems faced by families by establishing and operating family resource centers which offer support, workshops, drop-in groups, resources and referrals directed towards the well-being of the family.

What People Are Saying…

“The team at Families Matter gave us the help and resources we needed to grow our family.” Tracy Schultz

“The programs at Families Matter are simply incredible. We've learned so much when it comes to parenting our two little ones.” Danielle Stewart