Family Resource Network

What's new at Families Matter?

We are now coordinating two new Family Resource Network Hubs.

The Calgary Northeast Family Resource Network

Located at Our Horizon Family Centre

#3404 25th Street NE

Reception: 403-205-5178 Intake : 403-205-5194


The Calgary Southeast Family Resource Network

Located at Our Midnapore Family Centre

101 239 Midpark Way SE

Reception: 403-288-1446 Intake: 403-205-5180

Our Community Liaison Specialist

Yazmin Ramos 403.496.9080   

What is a Family Resource Network

Family Resource Networks "Hubs" are community partnerships designed to provide a wide spectrum of programs and services to meet the needs of expectant parents and families with children newborn to 17 years of age – all accessible through one location. FRN's are here to:

  • improve child and youth development outcomes,
  • enhance parenting knowledge and skills,
  • strengthen family resilience and well-being,
  • and connect families to social supports.

Our Families Matter FRN's will be offering services through our agency as well as in community partnerships. These partnership are known as "spoke" services.

In addition to being an FRN, Families Matter is also delivering three spoke programs.

Below is a list of our spoke services as well as those of our partners. You are welcome to click on the links to learn more about the many services available to your family.

Contact Us:

If you would prefer to speak to someone about your situation and needs please call our FRN "Hub" intake staff, Kayleigh and Mikaela at 403.205.5194 or 403.205.5180 or This great team know about our programs as well as our partners and listen and help guide you to the free services and solutions that fit your unique family needs. Click here to watch an Introduction to FRN #1 and #6

Introducing Our 8 Spokes

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
We ensure that children and youth facing adversity have the relationships they need to become resilient and realize their full potential.

With the support of our professional, qualified staff, mentors form strong one-to-one relationships with their mentees that express care, challenge growth, provide support, share power, and expand possibilities.

These critical developmental relationships allow children and youth to strengthen their social emotional learning and executive functioning skills, developing them into resilient young people who are able to overcome life’s adversities and achieve more.

To learn more call us at 403.777.3535 or email us at

For a video description of our program please watch here

Carya Functional Family Therapy

If your family is dealing with challenges, big or small, Functional Family Therapy is for you.

If you have a child between 0 – 18 and have any of the following challenges:

  • Involvement with youth criminal justice
  • Family conflict
  • Problems at school
  • Mental  health concerns

To read more about our program please read more here

For a video description of our program please watch here

To learn more or enroll, call the CARYA intake at 403.205.5244 or take this link directly to Carya's website

Catholic Family Services Rapid Access Counselling

Rapid Access Counselling is all about having the right conversation at the right time. We all face challenges that sometimes need a little extra support.  We offer:

  • Single session counseling to support individuals, couples, and families with a 75-minute appointment, often available within the week so you can get the support you need when you need it!
  • Whether a current crisis , or an ongoing challenge we support clients of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds find tangible next steps through our goal-based and solution-focused approach.
  • While our model is "single-session" clients are welcome to book with us anytime that a change-focused conversation could support them. We believe that change is possible for all families; one conversation at a time.

For a video description of our program please watch here

To speak to our Intake and Engagement Team please call 403.205.5294

Connect via email at 

or go directly to their website here

Families Matter : Family Life Education

The ‘FLE’ spoke service offers a choice of multi-session parenting courses and single-session parent workshops that are delivered throughout the NE/SE and West Calgary and on zoom.  Our objective is to offer classes that to encourage learning that builds confidence and competence while learning new skills, behaviours and reflective capacities and problem solving that can be applied to directly to family and life situations thereby increasing family resiliency and healthy outcomes.

We want our families to interact and connect with each other and to apply their learning to their life. Our classes are flexible and responsive to the emerging needs of parents while supporting the goals and objectives of the program.

Our classes:

  • Address parenting questions for parents of children 0 – teen.
  • Are delivered in person and via zoom.
  • Are evidence based and/or evidence informed.
  • There are specific offerings for fathers.
  • Learning materials are provided in plain language with plenty of visual learning aids (pictures, diagrams, videos) to support low literacy and ESL learners.

To enquire about classes or to register call our intake/registration at 403.205.5180 or 403.205.5194 or go online to find a class at:

For a video description of our program please watch here

Families Matter : Family Resilience Home Visitation

Our Home Visitors provide home-based services to vulnerable expectant parents and parents/caregivers with children newborn to age six, where risk factors or a specific need for one-on-one support are present. Services are offered in the family home on a weekly basis, with more frequent visits occurring when more intensive support is needed, and tapering off as the level of intensity reduces or as the family transitions towards service closure. The program coaches and guides families to increase their:

  • Parental Resilience – through effective decision making, self/family advocacy and planning, and problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development – through effective/positive parenting skills and increasing parental understanding of their child’s developmental stages.
  • Parent-Child Relationship and Healthy Attachment –nurturing interactions with their child promotes a healthy, positive relationship between parent and child.
  • Healthy Social and Emotional Development of Children – through engagement in positive reciprocal interactions with their child - providing the foundation for strong parent-child relationships and healthy attachment. 
  • Parent Mental Wellness – by using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale screening at regular intervals to identify parents struggling with perinatal mood disorders.
  • Social Connections – by forming supportive relationships in the community, and creating enduring networks of natural support, and decrease their isolation.
  • Ability to Access Support in Times of Need – by developing the skills necessary to effectively access community services including planning ahead, problem-solving, researching, asking for help, and self-advocacy. Knowledge of and access to community resources are also significant protective factors against child neglect, parental stress, and isolation.

Families may also self-refer to this program. To enquire or to enroll in this program, please call our intake staff at 403.205.5180 or 403.205.5194

For a video description of our program please watch here

Families Matter : Successful Young Parents (SYP)

SYP is a multi-component program that serves young parents under the age of 23 through a variety of intervention strategies that combine group support and activities with individualized support, through:

  • one-on-one parent coaching/home based support;
  • couple relationship and co-parenting group sessions;
  • parent education classes focused on self-regulation, healthy attachment, parenting skills and family resilience;
  • targeted parent-child group learning & play sessions;
  • developmental screening and support for their children;
  • building networks of connection and natural support in the community.

The objectives of this program are to affirm the strengths of young parents and help them to connect with other families, learn and practice positive parenting strategies that will give them respectful and effective tools to support their children‘s optimal development, build healthy relationships, and gain resilience and confidence in their ability to handle stressful family situations and resolve problems.

To enquire more about this program, or to register, call our intake team at 403.205.5194 or 403.205.5180

For a video description of our program please watch here

Resilient families is a program that provides in-home support to help preserve and strengthen families.

We work with clients to:

  • Help families address the challenges and learn parenting skills and child development knowledge,  build family resiliency so that parents are able to parent more effectively and independently.
  • Develop goals with the family to help them achieve success in their parenting, communication, conflict resolution and overall family wellness.
  • Build connections to their community and cultural resources and work with outside supports to maintain their progress and meet their needs. The goal is to ensure permanency for the children involved and to maintain contact with whomever is identified as the children’s family.
  • Support families experiencing stress or are worried about their own wellness or of their family.

To access us by self-referral or professional referral please call 

Deanna Thoresen at 403.207.2504 


visit our website site here

For a video description of our program please watch here.

Immigrant Services Calgary

Early Learning Across Cultures. We welcome families to come join us in this free program for families with children aged 3 to 5.

  • We play, we talk, we sing, all while learning about other cultures and languages.
  • Early Learning Across Cultures helps children make friends, learn English, and get ready for kindergarten. See details here.
  • For parents, we also have workshops about your child’s learning, and discussion groups where you can meet other parents and create friendships and supports.

To learn more about this program and to enroll please contact:

For a video description of this program please watch here