Perinatal Mental Health
(Postpartum Depression)

Family Mental Health
Perinatal Mental Health (Postpartum Depression)


If you need postpartum or prenatal support, Please call our intake line at 403-205-5180  or  403-205-5194

Asking for help is a sign of you and your family’s courage and strength.


Perinatal Mental Health – Postpartum Depression and/or Anxiety – PPD

Affects up to 13% of mothers.  In 2019 16,000 babies were born in Calgary. If you are experiencing PPD symptoms, you are not alone and Families Matter Can Help.

Asking for help is a sign of you and your family’s courage and strength. 

Perinatal Mood Disorder (postpartum depression) is a treatable illness. It will end.

Talking to us is good for you and your baby. We can help.   

                             All of our programs require an intake process so we can ensure that you are in a program and receiving service that best suits your needs.


For One on One Support -through Home Visitation, via Zoom or over the phone, as well as information about our Postpartum Support Groups and Prenatal Support Groups 

Please call our intake line at 403-205-5180  or  403-205-5194.

For Rural Phone Support please call intake at 403-205-5194


Peer Volunteer Support Program (to volunteer) call Amanda at 403-827-6245  or email

Our Programs and description:

Postpartum Support Group —Women helping women. 

These supportive groups meet once a week with a trained professional who leads the discussion.
*You will get support and your questions will be answered.
*You will feel less confused about what’s happening.
*Group support helps everyone heal together.

Please call our intake line at 403-205-5180  or  403-205-5194

April Calendar of Support Offerings

May Calendar of Support Offerings 

One on One Supports—We come to You

Our staff can come to your home to offer support and answer your questions face-to-face. We are also available via Zoom or over the phone to support you.

Please call our intake line at 403-205-5180  or  403-205-5194.

Prenatal Support Group 

Perinatal Mood Disorder Symptoms can begin during pregnancy.  This group meets weekly to address and alleviate your concerns while offering support and strategies. If you have concerns, call us, early detection can help you and baby.

Rural Phone Support

Live out of town? Can’t make the group? Our peer support volunteers have been through the postpartum experience and coupled with their training, are here to help you through phone support. Contact Amanda at 403-827-6245 or via email at

Baby Drop In—Come join others Moms -please note as a result of Covid19 , Baby Drop-in has been canceled until further notice. 

Check our calendars to find the baby drop in that suits you. Mom’s gather with babies and siblings for conversation, coffee and friendship. Our experienced Child and Family Support Workers are here to answer your questions while babies and older siblings have some playtime.

Video—Hear other’s stories
Families Matter produced a video to help Moms and their families understand what Perinatal Mood Disorder (postpartum depression) is.  The video in it’s entirety is available for you to view, simply as your worker or centre staff to show it to you.  Watch the trailer here:

Volunteer—You can help
You may want to help others once you have gotten better.
We offer training and support for you to be a helper to others.
Call us to find out how you can volunteer in a variety of roles from peer support to baby cuddling.

Looking for the Postpartum Info & Support for Dads?

PPD affects the entire family. We invite the Dad’s to join us in order to better understand postpartum difficulties and depression. – Dads will; learn strategies that can help Mom feel better; discuss the potential effects on your child; how to get better and get stronger than before. This program is limited to 8 Dads and facilitated by Jory & Amanda McMillian, who have experienced PPD and will share how to effectively move through this.

Click here for details for our next Postpartum Information and Support Classes for Dad’s .