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Parenting for School Readiness

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These are discussion-based supportive sessions with focuses on growth mindset, emotional development and the importance of attachment and more.

This is a ten session program and the first three classes will focus on: 

Parenting for School Readiness: Growth Mindset

This a discussion-based supportive session with a focus on Growth Mindset. The session will focus on Carol Dweck Growth Mindset. Dweck asserts, "A growth mindset is when students understand that their abilities can be developed" (2014). Some examples of topics covered are: teaching kids to struggle and why children need to learn to struggle and goal setting.


Parenting for School Readiness: Emotions and Development

This is a discussion-based supportive session with a focus on emotional development and the five domains of development. A great emphasis will be on emotional development as it deals with children's ability to understand the expressions of emotions, form attachments, play with others, and handle peer pressures.


Parenting for School Readiness: Attachment

This is a discussion-based supportive session focusing on the importance of Attachment. The session focuses on the importance of Attachment on a child's overall development; as a strong, secure attachment allows children to grow emotionally, learn, explore, and helps them feel safe, secure, loved and understood. In this session, parents will have the opportunity to reflect on Attachment and their child's feelings and why it matters.

There are currently no classes available for this program.

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